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About the Author

Tameaka Shelton has been called, “one of the most unique and hilarious Human Resources people ever!” Her candor and humor, along with her uncanny ability to understand, empathize and meet people where they are, have all led her to embark on this POWERFUL journey.

Tameaka enjoys studying people, their learning styles and differences. She attributes much of her success and tenacity to family who ensured she was always exposed to people of diverse socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Realizing exposure and access has opened doors to things she may not have had otherwise, she always looks for ways to share and teach others what she’s learned.

What People Are Saying

Robert Bannister

CEO at AGi Mission Support Services, Silver Spring, MD

"Over the last year and a half, Tameaka has really become our “partner in success.” She offers many creative solutions to meet our varying recruiting and human resource needs. We are appreciative of her services and look forward to continued growth and success.

Vicki Hess

Author, Speaker, Trainer, and Virtual Coach West Palm Beach, FL

Tameaka and I worked together on several projects. She is very committed and professional in her HR role.

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